Host Drift is the Group's hotel management company. The company undertakes sales and cost-effective hotel operations through centralised monitoring and training as well as by drawing on centralised operating services.
First Hotels is the Group's hotel chain company, which develops and manages the "First Hotels" brand and offers competitive franchise agreements, mainly consisting of marketing, sales and distribution services.

At present, we have 38 First Hotels, including 20 Host Drift Hotels. Our chain is one of Scandinavia's largest with 4 hotels in Norway, 33 hotels in Sweden and 1 hotel in Denmark.
We provide smart and digital solutions for our hotel partners, enable them to be profitable and visible in a fast developing and global market place.
First Hotels
First Hotels is a leading collection of hotels with 39 unique hotels centrally located in Sweden, Norway, Denmark. First Hotels is proud to offer unique, personal service and modern comfort.

First Hotels was established in 1993 and initially comprised six hotels located in Sweden. The company has since expanded through acquisition and the construction of new hotels. First Hotels is committed to providing quality experiences and individual choices. All our hotels offer a unique atmosphere and singular sense of style.