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Örnsköldsvik gained city status in 1894 and has 33 348 inhabitants and is an active city with cornerstone companies such as Svensk Etanolkjemi and world renowned Fjellräven. Renowned NHL player Peter Forsberg was born and raised in the city and started his career in the local club MODO Hockey.

A city hotel, commonly called Statt or Stadt, is a hotel with a restaurant in the center of Swedish citys

The city hotels are historical features of many Swedish cities, and emerged in the late 1800s in connection with the expansion of the railways. The city hotels were built lavishly and in most cities were the most expensive accommodation and one of the more dominant buildings along with church and town hall.

In addition to the hotel rooms, restaurants were also built on the ground floor of the hotel. Even the restaurants became exclusive and arranged dance on weekend nights. Often the Stadshotellet itself became the centerpiece of a city's entertainment life.

The Stadshotellet property is a classic hotel building from 1913 and carries its history with pride. The hotel itself has 115 rooms and can accommodate 80 conference guests. The city is a popular gathering place for the entire region for conferences, seminars and cultural events. The property also has many unique business premises that have synergies with the hotel function and the rest of the city.
Stadshotellet in Örnsköldsvik